Thursday BOLD LAW…” All work expands to the time allowed “

Thursday BOLD LAW…” All work expands to the time allowed “

A friend of mine wrote in an email to me earlier this week that this is now our personal version of the movie ” Groundhog Day ” with Bill Murray. Same stuff, day after day after day. If we’re not careful ,we can let bad habits creep in to steal precious hours from us. Hours that could be better served working productively or devoted 100 % to family time or you learning a new skill.

Each day, instead of allowing the repetition of ” Groundhog Day ” to take what could be a negative effect on you, make sure you are assigning work to certain time frames. Compartmentalize family time, personal time, a workout , reading or brushing up on a new skill into a schedule. As you plan each day , either the night before or , first thing in the morning , and then stick to that schedule, you will be allowing yourself work time, play time, learning time and personal time.

The past couple of days I have actually learned a thing or two about technology. Not huge discoveries but, I now have a couple of new skills I did not have on Monday…kind of being forced to learn and that makes me better. Yes, if I can learn technology, so can you ! And, today will be the 39th day in a row I complete a new lead generation habit . It is one I never had done before on a consistent basis. Now, it’s becoming a habit and a part of me and this new behaviour will lead to increased production and profitability for the rest of my career. If you want to know what it is, just email me and I’ll fill you in because you can do it too.

Again, the Covid-19 crisis has given us the unique opportunity of time. Time to improve in any area of your business or life that you choose to improve in. What are you going to do with it ? Will you allow this time to improve your life or will you just watch it pass by ? It’s your choice….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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