This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Your business grows to the extent you do “

This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Your business grows to the extent you do “

All the BOLD LAWS are meant to help us grow. We are all growing older every day. Our children are growing up. We are all growing physically , especially our waist lines at this time of year ! LOL ! Hopefully, our finances and investments are growing. Emotionally and mentally , are you growing or are you staying the same? How about your faith ? Growth is a part of life.

And, your business will grow proportionally to the extent that you do. If there’s very little growth in you , if you are not investing in your most valuable resource ( you ) , it’s not really fair to think your business will grow leaps and bounds , is it ?

On the other hand , if you are physically taking care of you, eating right, getting enough sleep, working smarter, reading something daily about personal growth, writing down and looking at and working towards your goals and surrounding yourself with like-minded people , how can you NOT grow ? Do some of those things on a daily basis and you WILL be a different person in a very short amount of time….and is that not that worth it ? And because you have grown, so will your business !

Go do some growing and make it a great week !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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