This week’s BOLD LAW…” Your business grows to the extent that you do “

This week’s BOLD LAW…” Your business grows to the extent that you do “

In the past few weeks , we have all been given the gift of ” extra ” time. There are still only 24 hours in every day but , we certainly are not driving to and from offices, there’s no office chit chat or other daily distractions at the office that used to be disguised as ” work “. Instead , we now have this ” extra” time at home.

What are we doing with it ? We have all read by now that if we don’t come out of this with new skills, new hustle, new opportunities and a huge checklist of things done around the home, it was never a matter of time to do all that, it was a matter of discipline. The fact remains that if we don’t have discipline , even if we were granted a 26 hour day , we would not get anymore done if we don’t have discipline. In other words, it’s not time, it’s discipline that makes the difference. That’s the big lesson to be learned here !

Our business and our lives grow to the extent that we put discipline into that ” extra” time. Without discipline, we will fill that ” extra” time by finding the home version of wasting it…that drive time and office chit chat time given to us will be wasted by some non disciplined , ” I’m on vacation ” mindset, and then when this is all over, what did you gain or learn in that time span ?

Opportunities come from adversity. Sure, be good to yourself and your family. Appreciate the additional vacation time with them. Just don’t be on vacation most of the day all day. Use the time to improve a skill that will benefit you now and later, strengthen that discipline muscle to learn a new hustle and take advantage of this to grow. You will thank yourself at the end of the day…and, in the future !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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