This week’s BOLD LAW…” You can have reasons or results , you can’t have both “

This week’s BOLD LAW…” You can have reasons or results , you can’t have both “

So true…as we begin another new work week in our new world , we can start with this philosophy.

You are going to have one or the other..they do not coexist with each other ! Today, let’s do something that leads to results, whatever those results may be, …whether they are positive, small , or negative results , or maybe that action was a failure. And that’s okay…Because results mean that you took action. Results mean you attempted something, and maybe that something was brand new to you and, because of your inexperience , it lead to failure . Who cares ?

A less than positive result is still 100 times better than an excuse, or a reason you did not have a result because you failed to try ? In times like these, it’s EASY to get real creative and make up an excuse. In fact, most people will buy that excuse…because they are doing the same and looking for companionship in that world.

You are NOT most people. You are someone , who even if it’s just for today and today only , are going to be that person that takes action and at the end of the work day, will have results, whatever those results may be. Don’t judge the results. Take and judge the actions.

Remember , it takes the same amount of mental energy to create an excuse..or a result…your choice…I urge you to make the right one…in fact, your family and friends, your neighbors, your associates, your clients, the world…needs you today… to make the right choice….I know which one I am choosing today

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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