This week’s BOLD LAW …. ” You can have reasons or results, you can’t have both “

This week’s BOLD LAW …. ” You can have reasons or results, you can’t have both “

As we approach the first day of the last month of the year , 2020 is pretty much in the rear view mirror . Our goals for 2021 and the actions needed to achieve those goals should already be in our daily schedule…the old 90 day effect. So, if you have not outlined your goals for 2021 , do it now and start taking those actions now so they will be a habit for you 30 days from now….Jan. 1st may be for New Year’s resolutions but it’s too late too implement a well laid out business plan.

Looking back at 2020 , what goals did you hit and not hit ? Why or why not ? And as you ask yourself these questions , keep in mind this BOLD LAW. We all have our results. They don’t lie. But don’t kid yourself with excuses or reasons. Recognize the reasons and excuses and resolve to do something about them, rather than use them as a crutch as to why you did not reach a goal.

We all had COVID 19 in our lives. Some people had the best years of their careers and some had their worst years. Successful people figured out a way to work within those confines and still got results. Others decided to focus on the reasons and it probably impacted their bank accounts in a different way.

Harsh, maybe , but, it is reality. Results or reasons , it’s your choice as how you want December and 2021 to look like. Results or reasons , you cannot have both….

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