This week’s BOLD LAW : ” Want = Lack ! “

This week’s BOLD LAW : ” Want = Lack ! “

When we say ” I want ” or ” I need” something, we are exhibiting a lack of whatever we’re wanting or needing. Lack is never a good position to come from. Need is needy. Those don’t serve us to be powerful , goal oriented, self improvement seeking human beings.

Just rephrase it. Visualize it first in your mind, write it out daily so you physically see it and then devise an action plan to go get it. Then, try this. Studies show that if you write out a word or two , or a sentence describing your goal, especially at night ,right before you turn out the lights, your subconscious will go to work on it and you may find yourself waking up with a solution. What do you have to lose ?

That 30 second discipline may change your life. Put you powerful brain to work for you while you sleep. It does not take any more energy. You’re asleep ! Try it ! That’s a whole lot better than sitting around saying and thinking , ” I want or need that “, right ?

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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