This week’s BOLD LAW… ” Want = Lack “

This week’s BOLD LAW… ” Want = Lack “

Want = Lack

When we want or need something, we are showing that we are lacking something…that’s not a position of strength. No one wants to be needy.

On the other hand , when we want something and have a defined purpose and a plan with action steps to get there , that’s entirely something else altogether. Having worthwhile goals and moving toward them , even with some failure along the way , is a great position to be in. And, having a coach or a mentor who can help keep you accountable while you move toward that goal is a big help.

Not that you can’t achieve it on your own , but having that person in your life can help you move faster and maybe with fewer missteps too. So, be careful of needing or lacking…wanting is perfectly fine as long as you are doing something about it !

Let’s make it a great week !

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