This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Success is simple, not easy “

This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Success is simple, not easy “

What a great BOLD LAW to finish out the year strong with and to launch us into the NEW Year !

Success IS simple, but it’s not easy , right ? It’s the old adage that if it were easy , everyone would be doing it .That’ s why we’re not all professional athletes, world renowned scientists , philosophers, authors , actors and world leaders.

Success is hard work but doable. Success leaves clues , just follow them. Successful people are all around you to be role models and to inspire you and, they usually are more than happy to tell you how they did it. But, they are not going to do it for you.

Success is a simple matter of doing the same activities correctly and diligently repeated over a period of time. That’s it , and that’s the hard part. Repetitious boredom.

Think of a pro golfer. They play boring golf…right down the middle …99% of the time…boring , but it pays very well ! We see them on TV but we don’t see their endless hours of boring practice….hitting the same shot a thousand times in six hour sessions….over and over…

Me ? Whenever I do play golf , it’s exciting ! I hook it left , slice it right, top it , hit it into the water , chunk it , three putt from 20 feet…I never know really where it’s going to go and once in awhile I do hit a sweet shot…that’s the definition of an amateur golfer !! What else do you expect when you play four times a year ? I’m okay with that because I’m outside having some fun with friends and I know I don’t have God given talent and I don’t want to spend the time getting really good at it …and, I’m perfectly okay with that !

What’s your profession ? What do you want to be successful at ? Study the successful people and do what they do…every day…simple , but not easy..and you can do that…one hour and one day at a time…figure it out and start today…

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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