This week’s BOLD LAW  ” Motion = Emotion “

This week’s BOLD LAW ” Motion = Emotion “

Motion = Emotion

Okay, it’s Jan. 11th of the New Year…if you did not kick it in last week, now would be a good time to get into motion !!!…3 % of the New Year is already gone , it’s history , it’s in the past ! Time to take some action !!!

And , there is no action without motion and motion needs some E-motion behind it to enhance what you started last week or , to kickstart yourself into gear if you were still stuck in holiday mode ! Take a look at your goals for 2021…or for the first quarter or for this month , week, or just for today. Are you on track ?

Did your efforts last week match your goals ? Was there some emotion behind the motions or the actions you took to move forward ? If yes, good for you ! Looking at what you want and feeling the emotion of future achievement can quickly get you into motion , action and achievement.

If there’s no emotion, there’s no motion…Think about it . In any walk of life , if someone is excited , mad or passionate about something , is there motion tied with those emotions ? Absolutely YES !…and sometimes, those poor decisions made in an action lead to negative consequences…you know what I mean…so, make good decisions in your actions which are fueled by your motions and emotions !

Motion does equal emotion….get some emotion and do some good with it this week !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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