This week’s BOLD LAW…” Keep your emotions between the lines “

This week’s BOLD LAW…” Keep your emotions between the lines “

What an appropriate BOLD LAW to explore this week….in the current world have you noticed some people who have completely let their emotions get out of control ? Watching the news does not help as these people are paid to constantly feed us bad news and all the ” what ifs ?” are always focused on the negative side. When is the last time you heard a newscaster say ” From every adversity comes opportunity ? “There is good news out there…we just have to work harder around those people to find it !

You can do this as long as you keep your emotions between the lines…what lines you ask ?…the line at the top of the roller coaster and the bottom line….the peaks and valleys of emotions..the high of elation and the depression of the worst possible outcome..riding the emotional roller coaster of peaks and valleys ,sometimes in just the course of an hour ,will wear you out !!!

You’re not serving anyone when you’re out of control…your family, your friends, your clients or yourself ! I’m not saying we can be on an even keel 100% of the time…you cannot be without a heartbeat and feel no emotion..a cold, heartless soul serves no one…and neither does Chicken Little running around screaming that the sky is falling !. Find your place somewhere in between.

Whatever business you are in, you should be the picture of stability to your clients. Be that calming force that those closest to you need you to be. Find that opportunity and tell others about it…goodness knows they need to hear it from someone…

You can do this when you…keep your emotions between the lines !…hope this helps you this week !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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