This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Keep your emotions between the lines “

This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Keep your emotions between the lines “

Wow, what a coincidence that this is the BOLD LAW this week…in what is probably the most emotional week of the year in a year that has been fraught with emotion ! People’s emotions have been stretched and tested this year and they may be very fragile at this point.

It’s up to us to be the picture of calmness. Our family , friends and clients may be looking toward us and depending upon us to be the calm port in a world of storms. They may be at their breaking point , but not us ! I mean, if we lose it, who else can they look to for support that they are really counting on ?

Keeping your emotions between the lines does not mean that we never experience emotion. It just means that we neither get too high nor too low. You stay in control. This too shall pass. All of this will pass and one day , it will be a distant negative memory. Until then, you keep your cool. You must , above all else , keep your head while all about you , others are losing theirs !

Affirmation : ” I am the calming influence in EVERY situation I encounter today ! ”

You can do that , and be that , when you…keep your emotions between the lines ….

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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