This week’s BOLD LAW …. ” If it’s not on your schedule , it does not exist “

This week’s BOLD LAW …. ” If it’s not on your schedule , it does not exist “

Boy, this is a challenging one for me. If I don’t ink it or write it down on my calendar , there is a high probability that it does not happen….because at the time , it was not important enough to put it in there ! And is it really any surprise that it doesn’t occur ? It’s because it did not exist !

For example, I’ve been wanting to upgrade some disability insurance for a long time for my family’s protection. It’s been on my mind a long time and I even said to myself for several weekends lately that I’ll make the call this weekend. And then the weekend comes and goes without it being accomplished.

I mean, who wants to talk about insurance ? I had to write it down and then text an insurance agent the time I was going to call him and asked him to call me if I was late…which I was because I wanted to put it off. He did make the call to me ( probably because it was on his schedule ) and now, something is in the works for us.

This is not a ” to -do ” list…those get put off and never get 100% done. This is the important stuff that needs to get done. And, if it is that important, put it in your daily schedule and assign a time to it and work on nothing else until it’s finished !

Because……if it’s not in your schedule , it does not exist !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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