This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

This week’s BOLD LAW … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

As we all start the first Monday of a New Year with goals and aspirations, we all want to make sure that our movement , also known as our actions , are moving us toward our goals. Are we spending 80 % of our time working on the 20% that pays us the most ? Meaning, most of our actions should be spent on the most productive areas of our business , not the other way around.

With ” to-do ” lists , the demands of others for our time, the constant internet and email and text interruptions & distractions in our present world , it’s really easy to get caught up in all that as we try to get it all done…an impossible task…That’s getting caught up in the ” busy-ness ” of business.

That is movement but , it’s not achievement. Chasing down the never ending tasks on a ” to-do ” list is the 80% that is not productive. In fact , that 80 % is someone ELSE’S 20 % that you are choosing to work on when you are not working on your OWN 20% first ( lead generation/prospecting ) .

Stay on your schedule. Do YOUR 20% FIRST !…then, you can begin to work on the other stuff. That is achieving with proper action and movement towards what YOU want for yourself in 2021.

Make it a great Monday !

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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