This week’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

This week’s BOLD LAW… ” Clarity is Power “

Clarity IS powerful !

Think about whenever you get around a successful person. It’s very obvious that they are different and that they move with confidence. They walk fast with their eyes straight ahead. No words are wasted. They are efficient and have lots of energy. Why is that ? Because they are VERY clear on what they want.

They have made a decision ( perhaps thousands) and are constantly moving in that direction towards that particular goal. Successful people make decisions quickly and change their mind slowly. That gives them clarity , power and focus. You can see it , feel it, hear it and sense it when you are in their presence. That aura about them is power and it attracts more success to them.

Unsuccessful people make decisions SLOWLY and change their minds quickly. In taking forever to make a simple decision, opportunities are lost forever to those that decide faster. And, their inability to make a decision leaves them stuck in place and they can never move forward with that kind of muddled thinking. They have no clarity and no power.

Don’t be that person who can’t move forward ! It’s been said that the successful person who makes quick decisions may make a mistake or two. But, because they make quick decisions , those clear decisions are ten times more successful and more than make up for the small losses that their mistakes cost them.

Clarity IS power !!!

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich

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