This week’s BOLD LAW … ” All work expands to the time allowed “

This week’s BOLD LAW … ” All work expands to the time allowed “

This BOLD LAW is always appropriate because there are so many distractions that are offered to us every day….and more so at this time of year !!! If you have a task that you know you need to get done today , ( like lead generation ) , and you take the attitude of ” I’ll do it later ” or ” It’s only going to take an hour to do that and I’ve got all day to do it ” , guess what ? It’s going to take you ALL DAY to do it !!!…and then, you may not start it because you think it’s too late to start it or you don’t finish it because… allowed the time to expand for it.

You’ve heard this a million times. Block off the task. Put it in your schedule and do NOTHING else until you finish it !. Move the ” Big rock ” first…swallow the tadpole while it’s little and don’t wait until the end of the day when the tadpole is now this big old fat bullfrog that still needs to be eaten ! Gross ! Knock off the big task first by not giving yourself all day to do it !

All work expands to fill the time allowed. Dedicate that task to a defined period of time and do it in that specific time frame … not ” all day ” !

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