This week’s BOLD LAW..” All work expands to fill the time allowed “

This week’s BOLD LAW..” All work expands to fill the time allowed “

Has this ever happened to you ? Have you ever had a certain task to complete that was going to take a concentrated – no interruption focus on your part? Maybe it deserved an hour or more of devoted time ? And, because you did not make it part of your schedule or assign a time to it and because you ” had all day to do it ” , it either did not get done or you weren’t able to do as good a job on it as you would have liked ? Yup, it’s happened to us all.

All work does expand to fill the time allowed. If we think we have all day to do it, it will take all day to do . As we discussed two weeks ago with the BOLD LAW of ” If it’s not on your schedule , it doesn’t exist “, these two BOLD LAWS go hand in hand. Schedule that task. Assign a time frame to complete it in and you’ll accomplish more because you planned it, rather than let it happen to you.

The ” Stay at home ” concept has given us unique opportunities. As we work from our homes, it’s important to schedule those work time frames. When we discipline ourselves to get our work done in that time frame, we can then schedule the extra time we just created into play time with the family and or a project that you’ve put off for too long.

When we realize that all work expands to whatever time we give it and we adhere to this, we will create extra time each day to spend with family. And that’s a gift that is too precious to waste.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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