This is a new day. New favor. Doors will open. Do your part. Feed your hopes, dreams and faith.

This is a new day. New favor. Doors will open. Do your part. Feed your hopes, dreams and faith.

As Tyler Perry wrote a new Book,
“Higher is Waiting”

I found myself waiting for Old Rebublic Home Warranty (whom I love) to come to my house. The hot water heater took a big poop last night and flooded the garage. And when we turned off the water and the gas, it meant no hot water and no cooking on the gas stove. So I text my friend Tara with Old Republic home warranty this morning at 6:30 for help and she was ON IT.

So instead of going to church, I am sitting here waiting for the repair person. Good news is I record lots of good Sunday messages so that when things like this happen, I can still get some good ole God in me. We can ALWAYS choose to put good stuff in us no matter what is happening.

AND, I click on one of my Joel Osteen recordings to watch and here on the screen, Joel was interviewing Tyler Perry. After listening to his story, I wrote what I felt he and Joel would want you to hear today.

Higher is waiting! My Friends, where are you?

Are you feeding your weeds?
Are you feeding what you don’t want?
Do you realize that what you don’t feed will eventually die. If you are still getting what you don’t want, it may be because you are continuing to water weeds in your life. So I ask again, are you watering what you don’t want? The weeds in your life: Insecurity, fear, doubt, and the mistakes of the past. YOU are better than that. Don’t fall into that trap anymore.

Instead of watering those weeds and all the discouragement that comes, instead turn the hose and water what God says about you. Feed your faith. Because whatever you are feeding will continue to get stronger.

Don’t feed self pity, what didn’t work out, those who harmed you. Quit feeding those hurts. Remember you can’t feed your destiny and your past at the same time.

Whatever happened to you is over and done. It’s History. Forgive and move on. Get to worthy. Not cocky or arrogant, but what God says about you. You are worthy because God says you are.

You cannot go into a new season if you are always looking back at the old history. Let go of what didn’t work out. Forgive those who have hurt you.

Don’t feed the hurts, the offenses, and betrayals. The way to get past it all is to STARVE IT. Don’t water and feed the thoughts that pop in your head. They always will, but it’s your choice whether or not you dwell on them. When you dwell on them, you are feeding them. Instead starve them. Move your thoughts onto good things. Your destiny. Your dream God put in you.


Believe in new beginnings. Beauty for those old ashes.

Yes Offenses will come. Betrayals will come. But just don’t feed them. Many of my friends have heard me say, don’t pick up an offense even if someone intended it for you. Just don’t pick it up.

You can’t get well as long as you are always reopening the old wounds. You may have a valid reason to feel like you do but when you feed the past it always takes you backwards. Ask yourself. Will I keep watering these weeds, or will I starve them and start feeding what God says about me. You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are a child of God, one of a kind, a masterpiece. I have nothing but good in store for you.

Don’t put energy in something taking you the wrong directions. Of course there is a season of morning yes, but NOT a lifetime…..NO.

Choose to put your energy into the destiny that God has for you. I have said many times, get rid of the bad tapes on an endless loop in your head. Pull it out and put good ones in. Turn off the old, turn on the new. Your light. This little light of mine! Turn it on!

Nothing is ever a surprised to God when we go through things, but remember that God has great things in store for your future, but he cannot lead you to it when you continue to feed the weeds. Weeds are dream killers. Don’t feed the weeds. That’s not on your diet. That’s not your destiny.

What are the secret petitions of your heart? Don’t hide them; Don’t hide your light.

Spend less time with those who feed your doubts; who don’t want to go where you want to go. But I might hurt their feelings. Would you rather miss your destiny? Dig deeper, because if you don’t, you may miss your destiny.

Sometimes your dream will have to be supported by other people, when you want to give up. Dig deeper. Find those people to hang around that encourage you!

Find people who will push you up. If you don’t get rid of the wrong people then you won’t be with the right people who will encourage you, inspire you, push you.

People are contagious. You will become like those you hang around. It works both ways, positive and the negative.

Who are you attracting? If it’s not the right people then maybe it’s time to take a look in the mirror. The wrong people can talk you out of your dreams. Will you fight for your destiny?

If your friends have accepted mediocrity. Then they have their dream for you, and it’s not yours. It’s less than your capacity. Friends, will rub off on you and contaminate your entire group and your family if they are mediocre. Who you hang around MATTERS. Leave those mediocre friends, just turn and smile as you wave goodbye.

Stick with those who are feeding you excellence, integrity, and grit. Stick closer than a brother.

Get out of the negative environment to see God’s favor on you. Your old friends will try to keep your from it. They aren’t bad people, they just don’t get you or what God has called you to do and therefore, they don’t want to go with you on your journey to your destiny and they don’t want you to go either. Don’t let the limitations of those around you hold you back.

This is a new day. New favor. Doors will open. Do your part. Feed your hopes, dreams and faith. Hang around those going where you are going.

Use your energy to feed your destiny. On the journey you will find new opportunities, new friendships new breakthroughs. You will find your dream and your destiny!


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