There is no try

There is no try

It’s much easier to grab this concept of DO-ing rather than TRY-ing when you place some intentionality, purpose and focus on it. We can ALL do more, even if , as I wrote yesterday , it’s just one or two small tasks accomplished. Again, I know I feel better when I took two small bites out of the elephant versus the lousy feeling of thinking, ‘ Well , I did not do anything about that today and I will try again tomorrow. “

That’s not a great thought to go to sleep with, or wake up to. It’s no good to continually chase something by trying. Intend to finish a task today, block off time to work on it and focus on nothing else until it’s finished ( no interruptions ) and purposely move towards completion. Even if that’s your one thing for the day, you DID it ! Hurray !
An owl in the sky looking for a meal has to eat or it will die. There is only do for him, not try. Do you have that same focus ? And speaking of the one thing , in Gary Keller’s book , ” The One Thing “, it begins with an old Russian proverb…if you chase two rabbits , you will not catch either one !
Do it, don’t try it !


Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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