The Key To Change

The Key To Change

In a recent blog, I wrote about breaking barriers and crossing thresholds. In keeping with that topic, I want to ask you a question: When is the best time to plant a tree?

Granted, the best answer is probably twenty years ago, but when is the next best time? Yep – now.

Okay, then ask yourself: Does the same answer apply to the question, “When is the best time to make a change and move forward?”

Yep – same answer: Now! Being a “change agent” means not being change resistant. Don’t let fear, anxiety, and worry keep you from making positive changes. Start moving forward today. Engage your community in supporting your journey. The past, and what you did or didn’t do, doesn’t matter. Make the decision to start. Just start.

And don’t expect too much from yourself too soon. Habits take time. We all know that from The One Thing, Gary Keller’s amazing runaway bestseller about the simple truth behind extraordinary results. To use a sports analogy, championships are not won at the beginning of the season. Everything is about doing something until it becomes a habit.

So, make the decision to start your transition today and never go back. Remember, you aren’t worried about the future when you know the outcome. If you record a sports game and you already know your team won, you have no fear in watching the game. So, understand that, in the end, we win.

How will knowing that help you move forward?

For me, the RX was to get out of my own head – to speak gratitude and thankfulness, to pivot from what was to what is, to cross the threshold and start fresh. I made the decision to get up and run in the morning and to go to church and exchange my worry for worship. Powerful. I decided to get back to the habit of my miracle morning consistently every day regardless of travel or teaching or any other obligations and commitments.

My husband, Denny, says, from the moment I made the decision, he could hear the change in my voice. My “aha” is that I’d been moving so fast and traveling so much, I hadn’t taken the time to replace worrying with giving more thanks.

That one thing – speaking about what I was grateful for and giving thanks – changed everything.

Without a decision, without crossing the threshold and moving purposefully forward in our journey, we end up at a designation we don’t intend. My hope for you is that you will make a decision, move over the threshold, and just start!

Remember, everyone is going through something. Everyone is in some pain. Everyone has a story. Don’t look back.

Make the decision to never waiver from what you really want. If you are looking for external validation, you’ll be looking for it until you die. You will never get enough of it. You have to love yourself.

You fulfill your dreams…your dreams don’t fulfill you.

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