Monday’s BOLD LAW…” Complaining + Garbage magnet “

Monday’s BOLD LAW…” Complaining + Garbage magnet “

Good morning ! For all you KW agents who may be seeing this for the first time, hello ! We met either at Mega Camp or last week’s Family Reunion.For the last 18 months, Every week I select one BOLD LAW & I write a daily (M-F) note as to how it applies to me and then I share it with all of you.It goes out to many agents , regardless of their company,past clients, sphere of influence and people who are not in real estate Hopefully, it helps one person each day !

What good does complaining do ? It takes us away from our real work , it creates negativity and more garbage to come our way because that’s what we are attracting when we complain ! And , who really wants to listen to a complainer all day long ? How tiring !

Instead of complaining about something, talk instead about correcting the situation. At least that moves you forward. If you really can’t do anything to resolve it , ( like complaining about bad weather for instance) , why bring it up ? Just for today , when you find yourself about to complain…don’t ! Let’s get through today with zero complaints and then, you will be repelling garbage away from you instead of welcoming it into your life !

Remember, Complaining = garbage magnet…

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich and Faye Humphrey

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