Leaders In Action

Leaders In Action

I recognize how fortunate I’ve been to have had some amazing leaders in my life – people who have helped shape me into the person I’ve become.

You’re likely familiar with the Big Why…the goal that motivates us – drives us – to accomplish great things.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Craig and Sheila Moseley about their Big Why!!! Yes, Craig is my brother and I love him and Sheila both.

However, that’s not why I’m sharing this with you. Instead, I want to tell their story.

These are people who recently quit good paying jobs, that provided them with healthcare and retirement benefits, in order to say “Yes” to what God has asked them to do. Craig and Sheila have joined YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and Tekton Trades in Kona, Hawaii. They are preparing to go and lead other leaders by heading up the Construction Trade School at the YWAM base at a time (August 22 – 26) when Hurricane Lane just dropped 52.2 inches of rain on Hawaii – and Hawaii’s Big Island was hammered hardest by the rain.

“The accumulation of our trade skills, life skills and love for people are all bundled up into one amazing package,” reflects Craig.

Once Craig and Sheila get the school set up, students will be learning – and enhancing so many lives in Hawaii. They’ll be working on projects like building toilets, washing stations, and perhaps even water catchment systems. They will be drastically improving the quality of life for these people, as well as tangibly helping local churches with projects like replacing worn roofing.

There are, of course, basic costs to lead this new opportunity. Overall, the budget for the Construction School is $5000 a month. Craig and Sheila are doing all they know how to do to. After that, they are relying on folks to buy into their vision and donate to help them make this dream happen.

Please consider their mission and give generously to support the work that comes from their hearts. You can give to Kristan’s Home of Hope and we will then deposit your contribution into their account at YWAM.

“Big things are on the horizon,” predicts Sheila, and then smiles. “Namely, the Big Island of Hawaii.”

“It is the call of God on our lives.”

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