I am so so lucky, blessed…

I am so so lucky, blessed, you name it. So grateful beyond words. Me and my family have been through a lot which only equips us to help more people with what they are going through. When I read the book of James I think, wow he was a total “D”. Driver. And yes his words were profound with no wiggle room.

So my character is still being refined as I get to go through super challenging things here on this earth, because my character is still being refined. And what I know is it is all worth it as the more God refines me, the more I can truly help others, starting with my awesome people in my life and business.

Don’t think that hard things are for nothing. If you will allow it, God will use it for your good. I can say that having lost a son (who is in heaven), a daughter who had half her face pealed off in an Atv accident (and recovery of nicely) and a son who was (an emphasize WAS plagued ) with addiction and now is committed to helping others climb out of addiction.

While I have had a lot of business success I have equally had many challenges personally.

And I am thankful for my boyfriend who became my husband who has walk through it all with me and still married me.

I look forward to the future as I know we have the opportunity to help so many with challenges and just need a little encouragement.

Ask yourself, who can I help this week?

I love my people I get the privilege to work with and Love my family.
It hasn’t been easy. But love of family both personal and business and love of God propels me to keep going. You can too.

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