How to Get Leads into the Central Hub

How to Get Leads into the Central Hub

You’re considering team expansion. Everything you’ve read suggests it can be a very lucrative decision, and you want to make your move sooner rather than later.

You understand team expansion is a way of growing your real estate footprint without setting up hubs at each new location. It promises more efficiency. It’s based on using a centralized hub that can deliver lead gen, as well as admin and leadership services to both your team locally and to at least one other market. It involves leveraging the resources of your central hub.

However, at this point you’re not sure how it all works. You’re asking yourself, “How can I generate leads for one market when my hub is in a different location?”

How do any of us get leads? You use the same methods you used when you first got into real estate. You create that database. You call. You start getting those referrals going. You lead generate through the same lead levers that power your hub. You do the same things you did to build the business in the first place and then you refer the leads out.

You should lead generate at least six to nine months before you actually expand.

In the last five to six years in my business world, we have changed from being marketing based and prospecting enhanced to the exact opposite. We’re now very prospecting based. When we decide to go into a location, we test it first to make sure we can create the “now business” while we build the long-term business.

Before you make the move, you want to ensure that, even if the leader you’ve chosen in the new location turns out, for some reason, not to be a good long-term fit, you can replace that person and still be building the business. For me, it’s important that, when I go into a location, it’s a location that makes sense, regardless of the “who” we hire to run it. I want to know, if my hire wins the lottery tomorrow and I have to replace them, the location itself is a wise choice.

It all gets back to creating the leads…calling and conversion scripts and having the people who can call into that location – for sale by owner, expireds, circle prospecting, cold calling – in short, creating that pipeline business that, when you look up six to nine months later, will let you see the fruits of your labor.

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