How Building Your Own Empire Will Help At-Risk Youth

When you support Growthward, you are supporting safe housing for at-risk youth through Kristan’s Charity, Kristan’s Home of Hope.

How does that work?

One example is when Kristan’s Home Of Hope donated $1000 to SOWF (Special Operations Warrior Foundation) to support the surviving children of Special Operations personnel in honor of Kristan’s two sons, Aaron and Jesse, who served their country honorably, or when Kristan’s Home of Hope donated $19,000 to Teen Challenge so they could buy a large van to take the young men to church. Kristan also gave $7500 to My House in February so they could offer more services to our youth.  My House is a non profit in Kristan’s home town that houses Homeless Youth.

How are these contributions generated?

Kristan’s Home Of Hope is partially funded by donations through GSO, as well as through: 

  • Donations made with every real estate closing through The Kristan Cole Real Estate Network.
  • Social events to raise money for the charity such as charity auctions, 5K and running events.
  • PR campaigns to raise awareness.
  • Social Media – FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn.

  • Radio interviews with Strategic Partners.

  • Various Media - Newspaper, TV, Radio, Stories of Hope.

Kristan’s Home Of Hope also contributes to supporting safe housing for at-risk youth by teaching young adults financial awareness.

So, while Growthward Systems Orientation can help you increase your profitability, grow your business, and deepen your bench of talent, it also helps the world by supporting safe housing for at-risk youth.