Get what you hate off your plate

Get what you hate off your plate

So, you’ve heard about the new superpowers of real estate – expansion teams – and you want to know more.

There’s been a lot written about what this new concept offers its team leaders – opportunities for everything from business growth and increased profitability to additional depth in their talent pools.

You also know what makes you eager to jump out of bed in the morning.

You have a great personality and love to engage with your clients. You’re attentive to each one’s unique needs. You have a real interest in properties and architecture. Your clients appreciate your hustle and tenacity, and you enjoy the challenge of creative problem solving.

In other words, you love doing what you do…to a point.

Then, there’s lead gen and paperwork. If I waved a magic wand and said you can do anything you want to do today, what would it be? Would you say, “Give me more paperwork? Let me be in charge of all the lead generation? Let me be financially responsible for all of that? I can’t wait!

If that’s where your love and talents lie, then building a team and expanding that team might be for you. But if you’d say, “Get that all off my plate. Let me do what I love and what I’m great at,” building an expansion team is likely not for you.

The fact is, most good salespeople aren’t good business people, so managing the business isn’t fun for them – and it’s very time consuming.

However, that doesn’t mean this new innovation in real estate expansion isn’t for you. Consider joining an expansion team. It can be rewarding, gratifying, and lucrative. Expansion teams eliminate a lot of the responsibilities you detest and allow you to do what you want to do. Plus, because successful expansion teams offer incredible growth opportunities, you’ll enjoy more stability and, the more profitability a team produces, the bigger arsenal of tools and technology they can offer to help you do your job.

If what matters to you is getting where you want to go, and you’d like to get there faster and with more support than you’d have on your own, think about joining an expansion team and getting what you hate off your plate.

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