Friday’s BOLD LAW from KWMAPS NLP Coach George Gillas….” Want = Lack “

Friday’s BOLD LAW from KWMAPS NLP Coach George Gillas….” Want = Lack “

I often hear people say things like, “She’s wanting to move into her new house by Christmas…” or “He’s wanting to lose 10 lbs. by his birthday…” Used correctly, the word “wanting” has a different meaning than, perhaps, what the speaker thought:

lacking or absent: a motor with some of the parts wanting.
deficient in some part, thing, or respect: to be wanting in courtesy.
lacking; without: a box wanting a lid.
less; minus: a century wanting three years.

Want isn’t necessarily a negative or bad word. To want something can, in certain contexts, be positive. “I want to be on the ALC… I want to close this deal by the end of the month… I want to be home in time to have dinner with my family and hug my kids each night…”
The question is this, “Is there a better word – a more powerful statement you can say to yourself so your subconscious is even more compelled to accomplish your request?”
What would happen if you changed the language slightly… to something with a little more punch – something that works for you: “It is my intention to be on the ALC…” “I will get this deal closed by month’s end… I deserve to be home with my family for dinner and my kids thrive when I hug them every night…”
The language we use creates pictures and feelings in our mind. So, don’t get so hung up on what someone else tells you that you should say; instead, think it through and determine for yourself if there is a more powerful, inspiring, positive way to frame your statement.
Do this consciously for a little while and it will soon become natural and habitual…. And you won’t be wanting for a new language pattern!

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