Friday’s BOLD LAW from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas…” There is no try “

Friday’s BOLD LAW from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas…” There is no try “

There is no try!

What would happen if, for just one week, you committed to doing the things that you previously were going to try?

What would you eliminate from your schedule if you removed any activity you are not going to execute when it is to be done. In other words, if it is really a “try” get it off your schedule so it doesn’t exist; because if it’s on your schedule and you don’t do it, should it have been there in the first place?

If you clear your schedule of the things that were “try” and put in place the 20% activities that you will DO – for just one week, what would the results be? How much stronger will you feel about your own discipline? How many more leads will you have… deals will you close… listing appointments will you set if you eliminate the “try” and for just one week focus on the “do”?

Many of us will be in Dallas for Family Reunion. If you are going to be there – do the things necessary to move your business forward – don’t try to make the breakouts you selected. Be in them. Don’t try to meet the people you want to meet. Meet them. And when you get back, don’t try the things on your “great ideas to implement” list – DO them.

And if you can’t make FR don’t try to do what you need to do – do it. Just one week. See the results – then DO it again.

I wonder what would happen if you simply eliminated the word from your vocabulary…

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich, Faye Humphrey & KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas

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