Friday’s BOLD LAW… from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas  ” No pressure, no diamonds “

Friday’s BOLD LAW… from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas ” No pressure, no diamonds “

No Pressure – No Diamonds

What is your perception of the word “pressure”?

Is pressure something that you put on yourself or accept from someone else to do a particular action or attain a specific result? Does the idea of pressure cause you to feel uncomfortable?

Do you equate pressure with stress?

What would happen if you began to think of pressure as a good thing? The tires on your car need a certain pressure to keep you safe on the road… Your body maintains a healthy range of blood pressure to keep you alive… Atmospheric pressure prevents us from exploding (a little extreme, I know – and that’s one reason special suits are required for space walks)…

Pressure by itself is not bad… it is necessary. When we think of pressure and diamonds; the metaphor is clear. And if you put too much pressure on yourself, just like over inflating the tires on your car, you will fail.

Rather than thinking of high pressure which can cause stress, think of good pressure which will cause “eustress.”

Yes, eustress is a word. Noun: moderate or normal psychological stress interpreted as being beneficial for the experiencer. Pressure/stress that builds muscle… Pressure that keeps the tires inflated… Pressure that waters your garden and provides a great shower…

Think of it differently now and see how you can build your tolerance to great pressure over time.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich & KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas

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