Friday’s BOLD LAW …from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas ” Complaining = Garbage magnet “

Friday’s BOLD LAW …from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas ” Complaining = Garbage magnet “

Complaining = Garbage magnet !!

Have you noticed that the more you complain about something, the more emotion you feel? And as you emotion (negative) ramps up, the thing you’re complaining about becomes even bigger in your mind, doesn’t it?
Before you know it, you’ve become an expert at finding things to complain about… bummer for you – and everyone around you.
We know that the more we think about something, the more evidence of it we find (RAS – reticular activating system). This is very true of complaining. We also know that we cannot control the first thought that comes into our mind, but we can control the next one. And, to be fair, we need to shift out of the negative mindset and into a more neutral one before we can successfully introduce a more positive thought.
NLP holds a powerful tool to help you with this and, rather than write it all out for you, I’m going to let you into a special page I’ve designed for my clients that has a short video on how to eliminate negative thoughts.
The video is a little over 8 minutes and it contains, what I believe, is one of the most powerful techniques in the NLP/Transformational Coach’s arsenal. It will walk you through the process of controlling the pictures in your mind because, when you can control the picture (thought) it no longer controls you.
There is more information on this page which I’m opening up to Don’s readers. If you have any questions, need some additional guidance, or would like to learn more about MAPS Transformational Coaching, email me at
Here’s the link:

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