Friday’s BOLD LAW from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas…. ” Come from contribution “

Friday’s BOLD LAW from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas…. ” Come from contribution “

Come from contribution

Just today I had a MAPS client who was feeling burned out… tired. She was on her way to a get a listing signed for $2.5MM – and not feeling motivated or excited. Can you believe that!

As we talked we realized a couple things:
She has the opportunity to earn in one transaction and amount of money that is nearly double the per capita income of the average American (2019 stats). That’s a pretty huge opportunity.
She isn’t really chasing the money… it’s always been about helping people, and the money will follow.

Like everyone who is reading this, she has some “personal/life” stuff going on. And we know that never really ends, does it? So, we needed to change course and I told her about a concept called Present Time Consciousness (PTC); something I learned from a chiropractor years ago when I was training massage therapists.

The basic message of PTC is this: for the time that you (therapist) are with your client, your entire focus – mental, physical, energy, spiritual, etc. – all of you is totally and exclusively focused on that client. Only in this way can you provide the best therapeutic work you can offer. And, here’s the good part, during this time – you are not – you cannot – be thinking about yourself.

And during the time you are not thinking about yourself, your unconscious mind goes about creating the solutions and insights you need to heal whatever it is you are going through. It’s a fascinating amalgam of being selfless and selfish simultaneously!

Think about what you do every day. You help people through the biggest financial decision they will make. You guide them past potential pitfalls that could cost them tens of thousands of dollars. You provide calm in the storm of negotiations. You help them fulfill their dream of turning a house into a home… And you are remunerated handsomely for your efforts.

Can any of this really happen if you have “commission breath”?

Only by coming from contribution can you achieve all that a professional Realtor can achieve. Only through contribution do you build a career and a Life by Design. And only through contribution, when you lie down to sleep at night, can you take inventory of all the things in your life for which you are truly grateful.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich & KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas

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