Friday’s BOLD LAW… from KW MAPS NLP COACH George Gillas….” Clarity is Power “

Friday’s BOLD LAW… from KW MAPS NLP COACH George Gillas….” Clarity is Power “

Clarity IS power.

I’m going to add onto Don’s commentary on the 12-week year.

A shorter time-frame… smaller (more easily conceived) goals… specific steps to achieve those goals… all add up to an increased likelihood of success. Think about the things you have mastered in life. Did you get to mastery because you went right to the big goal of being completely competent? Or did you build step-by-step towards competence by gaining confidence in smaller parts of the whole?

When we can see how we are progressing, we build confidence. And as the confidence builds, we can look further and further out and achieve great results because we started small.

For many years I volunteered as a Range Safety Officer at a local gun club. I work to keep people safe and I enjoy introducing them to proper and safe shooting skills. Over the years I have taught many people to shoot pistols. We always start with the target at about 10 feet away. They can clearly see the target and, more importantly, they can clearly see where the round hits. At 10 feet, even a small .22 cal (what I start most people with) can be easily seen. And when we see the hole, we know how to correct. Clarity.

I’ve also seen some people come to the range to teach a new shooter, and they put the target out to 35 or 50 feet. The end result is frustration because both the target and the feedback (where did the rounds strike) are hard to see. Clarity begins with smaller chunks.

Master the small bites and then gradually you can move the target out. Now, in terms of business… what would happen when you get so good at exceeding goals in twelve weeks that, rather than thinking 1, 3 , or 5 years out; you decide instead to do 10%, 20% better at the next twelve weeks? Mastery.

Clarity. Confidence. Competence. Power.

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich & KW MAPS NLP COACH George Gillas

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