Friday’s BOLD LAW from KW MAPS Coach George Gillas … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

Friday’s BOLD LAW from KW MAPS Coach George Gillas … ” Don’t mistake movement for achievement “

Don’t mistake movement for achievement.

Have you ever been in a situation where you decided it is time to work, to do lead gen or another key results activity – and then allowed yourself to be distracted? Maybe it was a team member asking for help… or a client calling with a question… or a podcast that was really important to listen to – right now…

Have you gotten off track with something you felt “needed to be done?” It’s easy to think, “If I do it now, I won’t have to worry about it later.” Seems reasonable… do you sense a problem with this thinking?

Consider for a moment, by solving those problems, how much do you have to worry about generating income for yourself? How much do you have to worry about teaching your team, by example, that his time is not valuable? How much do you have to worry that, by example, you are teaching the team – and yourself – that lead gen is not Priority #1?

When we get distracted and solve a problem, we feel good. We get a little dopamine pump and our brain tells our body… “this is nice.” It’s the same feedback loop of posting something on social media and looking to see if you got “likes.” A temporary, meaningless feel-good-moment in place of a substantial and meaningful accomplishment of setting listing appointments.
In the long run which feels better, solving a problem that could wait or setting an appointment that potentially puts thousands of dollars in your pocket?

Proper movement yields result and achievement. Improper movement creates habits of false accomplishment. Even physical movement is subject to this. If you go to a gym, how many people have invested the time to learn how to properly use the equipment? Proper exercise movements develop muscle and strength; do it wrong and you have movement with little to no results… and probably sore muscles.

What would happen if you put a sign on your door – even if you work at home: “Do not disturb: Lead Gen in progress. I am doing my One Important thing – you should be too”
Move in the direction of your goals. Move to execute activities that will cause proper results. Focus on the things that build your business, and don’t let anyone steal your time. Your payoff will be much more rewarding than a cheap dopamine rush that temporarily feeds your ego…

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich & KW MAPS Coach George Gillas

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