Friday BOLD LAW from KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas…” You can have reasons or results , you can’t have both ! “

Another week of quarantine and I’m noticing that some folks are getting “QB: Quarantine Brain” … feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Knowing what to do and not getting to it or getting bogged down by their surroundings… or the news… or social media…

All this leads to stress and stress often leads to being frozen and not accomplishing what we want to accomplish. The tasks of today repeatedly get put onto tomorrow’s to-do list. And still they don’t get accomplished.

Focusing on results helps keep us out of stress because there is something to show for our efforts… even if the results are small; there is still movement forward. Progress vs. perfection. Accomplishment vs. inactivity. Results vs. excuses.

If you are in reasons, chances are you are also in stress. And in these crazy times there are two primary things that create stress:

1. Trying to control things you cannot control (worry)…
2. Not controlling the things that you can control (denial, procrastination)

So choose. What CAN you control? What can you not control? What are you seeking to control that you have no influence over? What can you control that you are choosing not to influence?

Choose to control the one thing that will move you forward. For some, that may mean one more call… one more text… one more FB post (business related)… or it may mean taking one class… signing up for BOLD Pivot in May (it’s only $99 and online!!).

Whatever it is that you CAN control that you have not yet chosen to control – do that thing now. Get results. Leave reasons behind. And feel better about yourself when you go to sleep tonight!

Contributed by KCN leader Don Aldrich, Faye Humphrey & KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas

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