Flying to Oklahoma to spend two days with Mo Anderson as her guest

I am so incredibly grateful today. I am flying to Oklahoma to spend two days with Mo Anderson as her guest. When I came to KW I took Quantum Leap from Mo in Seattle and it changed me forever. Now 10 years later I have been invited to spend two days with her as her guest and I know my life will change again forever. Trust me it’s nothing I have done to deserve this honor or her time. Its a true gift and I will not waste one moment of it.

I know we would all agree Mo is a gift from God. A true leader that leads from love, care, and true authenticity.

I am going to take massive notes, ask the pages of questions, and literally sit at her feet and listen. The wisdom Mo has is deep and wide. Her journey speaks life to all who come in contact with her. Her genuine love and concern for her fellow man shows through all she does. Her life story is one of honor, loyalty, compassion and accountability.

I’m actually a little giddy this morning on the plane just thinking about the next two days to come.

I am hopeful that all that I learn will sand off more of my rough edges and make me a better leader such that those who work with me are blessed beyond measure.

A few weeks ago my daughter and her husband David had the chance to spend a couple hours with Mo taking her to the airport when the limo driver failed to show up. The nuggets that flowed from Mo to Kristi and David were priceless. Sometimes when things go wrong (limo driver not showing up), you might get irritated, however, in this case God turned something bad for good and gave Kristi and David a huge opportunity to listen to a cultural giant. So when bad things happen, always look around to see how God will turn the situation for good!

I love it when God opens a door that you didn’t see coming. Always always be looking for small opportunities that surround us everyday to bless others. Those small opportunities over time turn into bigger ones.

And remember, you can’t open a door that God shuts. Don’t get discouraged. He sometimes does that because he has a bigger opportunity coming. Keep a good attitude when it seems like it’s taking forever. Trust God. It’s worth the wait. Don’t be impatient for the Lord to act.

Don’t live jealous of others. He has great things for ALL of us. And don’t try to open a shut door. Instead trust God even though you don’t see anything changing. Know that being consistent and doing what needs to be done daily even when you see nothing happening, will produce great fruit. When God uncovers his plan, you will see it was worth the wait!

God is about to uncover something you didn’t see coming. Trust God. Trust the process. Trust He has the best In mind for you regardless of your current circumstances.

You don’t have to have a great gift In order for God to use it. Just be willing…

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