Complaining = Garbage magnet

Complaining = Garbage magnet

TTGIM ! That’s right…Thank God it’s Monday !

Isn’t that a better state of mind to approach a Monday morning with ? How many dread Monday mornings ? They are the same people who look forward to Friday’s..TGIF !! Imagine how much better your Monday will be when you approach it as a start to another wonderful week full of opportunities ?

Talk about the power of attraction…when you complain , you are a magnet to attract more of what you don’t want . You spew out negativity and the universe brings you more because that is all you are talking about and focusing on and really , who wants to be around a person who is perpetually negative ?

We all know a person like that….they seem to always have a cloud of doom over their heads and when they walk into a room, if you’re smart and protective of your own mental state, you’ll disappear from their view quickly . Yes, we need to have compassion and always want to help someone who is having a difficult time and , as long as that person is able to listen for and look for solutions , that’s a different story.

When all that person wants to do is share their story and want you to be miserable with them , that’s the one to avoid. Don’t be that person ! If you are upset or mad, go ahead, get it out and then find something to be grateful about…search for an answer or a solution and then go to work on fixing it. Action does a lot of good to get us out of a negative state.

Remember we become what we are attracted to..and who really wants to attract more garbage ?


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