Complaining  = Garbage magnet !!

Complaining = Garbage magnet !!

Another way to look at this…We’ve all heard ” you are what you eat !” and in our laptops it’s ” garbage in -garbage out “….whatever we want more of , we can attract. The question is , what are we attracting when we complain ?

You complain, you spew garbage…you’re saying to the universe, ” This is what I like, please give me more ! I love the drama and the attention I get by complaining ! ” Well, hello…guess what ? The universe says ” Okay, here is what he wants, give him more of it ! ” It provides more of what we ask it for !

Ask for good instead. When you have a legitimate complaint , bring it out to someone you know who will not only listen to you , but they will expect you’ll be open to solutions and perhaps help you come up with an answer yourself. Is that not a better approach ?

Don’t be ” that ” person we all run from when we see you coming because all you do is whine , complain, you are not looking for help and all you want is drama. Be responsible, watch what you attract and less garbage will come your way !

Complaining is a garbage magnet…and garbage STINKS !

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