Complaining  = Garbage magnet !!

Complaining = Garbage magnet !!

When we complain for any length of time, we are not listening for the answer that could solve our problem. Instead, bring an energy that is based on a solution to the conversation instead of it just being a whining session. Others will want to assist you because they see that you truly want to help yourself.

Albert Einstein said, ” You can’t solve a problem with the same brain that created it “.

Tim Wood, my very first 1 on 1 coach , over 20 years ago, , introduced me to this thought…” Let the power of the future pull go to work for you “. We must release the brakes first ! When we let go of the resistance to the garbage we hang on to, we position ourselves to attract all the good things that are available to us…Gotta let go first….

Be aware of what you attract when you are in a negative state of mind. Don’t complain . Change your thoughts quickly, let the garbage go , and attract the good stuff !

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