Complaining  = Garbage magnet !!

Complaining = Garbage magnet !!

Should you start complaining about something today, please catch yourself.

1… What are you doing to yourself ? What kind of emotional state are you choosing to put yourself in ? I assure you, it’s not a good one !

2…You want more of this garbage ?…then go ahead and stay in a negative attraction phase by complaining and you’ll for sure get more !

3…Who really wants to be around you when you are whining ?

4…Really, what good does it do ? No one wants to hear it anyway…they have enough of their own issues without yours !

5…Instead of WHINING…do WINNING instead ! There is a word, a thought , an affirmation…there is always SOMETHING you can say, think or do to find SOME gratitude somewhere…what do you have to be grateful about ? It’s been scientifically proven that it is impossible to be mad or upset about something when you are focused on gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation will do a WHOLE lot more for you than complaining…be grateful and attract more of that and repel the garbage thinking…

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