Breaking Barriers and Crossing Thresholds

Breaking Barriers and Crossing Thresholds

Are we so close to what’s going on that we’re not seeing the movement of change?

Right now, most of us are at a place we haven’t passed before. We may still be looking at the future as an extension of the present. Instead, try looking at it as actual change, because change has become our ally.

True, change can bring some anxiety, and it doesn’t only come when we want things to change. Change comes when the conditions are right!

When we launched expansion in 2014, it was the 4th time it had been tried. In the past, the conditions hadn’t been right. As agents, we hadn’t been ready. We were still salespeople, not business people.

This time, it worked. Our expansion business owners closed more business than all of what Compass closed, all of what Redfin closed, and all of what eXp closed last year. Do you get that? It’s a HUGE business.

So, we need to show up when the conditions are right. We don’t want to miss it. After God’s people spent 400 years in captivity, there was a release. Why didn’t it happen sooner? The conditions weren’t yet right. Transitional moments happen when we become everything God has intended us to be. Life is filled with MANY thresholds we must cross in order to continue our journey.

When we cross what initially seems to be an insurmountable barrier in life, we often look back and say, “What was I afraid of?” So, I have to ask you, what thresholds are you afraid of crossing right now? Is it getting out of a dead-end job? Is it moving into success? Or have you been so hurt by other agents or brokerages you’re now afraid to cross over into a new opportunity? Have you reduced the decision you need to make it optional?

We have to resist shrinking back in the face of opportunity.

There will be times in your life when you discount opportunities because you’ve been hurt before, or when you stepped out and nothing changed. You may have said to yourself, “Screw that. I’ve been there before. CAUTION. Don’t do that.”

Today is a NEW day. The you that was facing this opportunity before is not the same as you are now. Go for it. What are you afraid of?

Be intentional! Make a decision. It might be as simple as changing a habit, or settling a relationship, or taking advantage of a business opportunity. Make a decision and cross over the threshold!

Crossing that threshold means the end of an era – and a new beginning of the next.

Be aware. Sometimes we don’t see an immediate result when we change, and so we go back. Resist that! Remember how long it took you to get where you are now? Give it some time and make the decision you are never going back. There is so much more ahead of you, but you have to cross the threshold first!

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