BONUS Friday BOLD LAW !!!!… From KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas ” What you focus on expands “

BONUS Friday BOLD LAW !!!!… From KW MAPS NLP Coach George Gillas ” What you focus on expands “

What you focus on expands
We know about the RAS – Reticular Activating System. It’s the part of your brain that makes things previously unknown familiar:
When you are in a crowded room and someone on the other side of the room mentions your name, somehow you hear it…
When you buy a new car you suddenly see many cars, just like yours, on the roads…
Or my favorite – when a woman become pregnant and notices other pregnant women everywhere she goes…

The RAS is a very powerful mechanism for expanding your awareness. Here’s a simple tip to make it stronger. Focus on the universally powerful and positive emotional state of gratitude because, when you are in gratitude, everything else becomes easier!
Training your RAS is simple. When you are going through your day and you experience something that give you a lift up emotionally, catch it consciously by simply saying to yourself, “How do I do this?” The question will cause a moment of confusion and bring awareness to the fact that you are feeling grateful – for something.
Follow this moment of confusion with a simple direction to your mind such as, “What can I learn from this so I can catch more moments like it?” or… “What is the message here so I can find more things to be grateful for everyday?” or… “What did I catch in this moment that I can find in other times of the day… every day?”
Ask yourself questions that will train your brian to find more of what you just noticed. Your mind is a generalizing machine and will begin to search out things for which to be grateful. One tip: when you ask the question of yourself, don’t expect an immediate answer. Let it go and let your subconscious go to work making the connections. Just like it does with the car and other examples above.
Oh, and if you haven’t connected the dots yet… you can do this with anything you’d like to find more of. Train your

“Get it Done in ’21!”

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