BOLD 2.0 in Scottsdale

Bold Coach Mat crushing BOLD 2.0 in Scottsdale! I love love love the new content! If you couldn’t come today, please PM me. You can come to the next session Step 2 and pay to play. Meaning you can come the first half of the day for free and then if you want to stay, pay. If you want to come and money is the issue whether you are with KW or not, please PM me. We can help. Take your business to the next level!

Have a business worth owning
Have a life worth living
Have experiences worth giving
Have legacies worth leaving

You deserve the best training to become the best you possible. And when you do, everything changes when you become the leader you need to be, to attract the talent you need and a massive empire where everyone wins!!

Increase your closed business on average by 8 closed transactions over the next 7 weeks. Sign up for BOLDunless you are happy with your business and you don’t need to grow.


Almost 200 referrals in less than 30 minutes! $2,000,000 in GCI. What else are you doing on a Tuesday afternoon! #BOLD2.0 #KWAZ #KWNA. Scottsdale and Prescott! Way to go!

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