At the jetway…

At the jetway waiting to board for Tracy, California stop number 5 of 7 in 7 day city tour in 7 days. Excited to teach 30-60-90 and success through others tomorrow in a very cool city in Cali! Then onto Folsom for Career Visioning and then to Phoenix to pick up my handsome husband and onto Wasilla, Alaska to prepare for the Fabulous Monica Reynolds and Mo Anderson who will be staying with Denny Grimes me and my family and having dinner with our friends, speaking at our business center, sight seeing in our friends private plane and then going out on my rainmakers 53’ yacht into Prince William Sound. Sound fun? I flipping pinch myself all the time. I am a small time girl from Pittman Road. thankful and grateful for the company I have the opportunity to be in business with!


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