Are you a transformational leader?

Are you a transformational leader?

What is your story?

Everyone has a story. We each have awesome things happening – as well as not so awesome events going in in our lives. It’s the dual track of life. Remember, everyone is going through something. Everyone is in some pain. And everyone has a story.

Are you ready to work on you harder than you work on anyone else? Are you becoming the leader you need to be so you attract people into your life who you truly need and want?

To become a transformational leader, we have to start by being intentional about the growth in our lives. It’s time to go from survival to success to significance and then…even one more step. When we are truly intentional about significance, we can become a transformational leader.

How do we know we have become a transformational leader? Lives will have been transformed.

Go for it. Go after it. Work harder on you than on anyone else.

If you are looking for external validation, you will be looking for it until you die. You’ll never get enough of it. You have to love yourself. You have to be fulfilled by God’s validation regardless of what others think. Then, you can soar.

You fulfill your dreams – your dreams don’t fulfill you. Make the decision to never waiver from what you really want.

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