You’ve probably heard that a shift is coming. Maybe it has already hit your market.

Are you confident you’ll survive the uncertain future? Have you taken the right steps to protect your business?

If you’re like most agents you probably answered yes. BUT, if you’re like most agents you probably answered yes without REALLY considering the question.

If you’re the 1% of agents that answered honestly and said “No” to both questions keep reading…

We’re hosting Growthward Summit at The Greenbrier next weekend on May 11th-12th. We’ll have some of the industry’s most influential leaders speaking about how you can take the right steps to survive the uncertain future.

However, if you’re reading this, it’s probably too late for you to attend in person. So, we’ve arranged a live stream of the event just for you.

Here’s what you get when you buy the live stream before May 8th:

◼️ A coaching call with a speaker ($250)

◼️ Access to the 2-day live stream ($199)

◼️ Access to the replay of Growthward Summit ($100)

◼️ A signed copy of Leadershift ($12.38)

◼️ A copy of the Growthward Summit workbook ($15)

Make sure you sign up before May 8th to claim your free coaching call and signed copy of John Maxwell’s new book, Leadershift!

Also, don’t forget that you can watch the live stream anywhere, anytime, and from any device until June 10th. That means you can watch from the comfort of your home or office, listen in your car or at the gym, or even watch during your kid’s soccer game.

You’ll also be able to implement the best insights from the event more effectively because you can replay the best insights for your team.

Please don’t miss your opportunity to prepare your business for the uncertain future. Buy a live stream ticket today and we’ll see you there!

Still not sure? Here’s what John Maxwell had to say about the Growthward Summit:

“You’re not only going to grow, but you’re going to learn something that you can apply almost immediately to your life, business, community, and family. What I love about Kristan, is the fact that she always gives more than is expected.”

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