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“Kristan is one of the most qualified individuals in our entire industry to teach agent expansion.”
-Gary Keller

Why Growthward?

Want to build an empire? Gary Keller says you can be anywhere you want to be within 5 years. GSO will teach you the why, the how and the what of the most successful real estate businesses. Take your real estate business to the next level by identifying; why goals are often not achieved, how to pivot to success and build an empire, what are the best practices to the top mega agents, get the Quick Start Guide to onboard agents into your business, the economic model for more profit, and how to grow your business and your world to achieve the success you have always wanted locally and in multiple locations.

What’s the difference between GSO and ESO?

Hear from Brindley Tucker:

"I have been searching for my "Why" for almost 2 years. I have attended one of Simon Sinek's "Why" Workshops and even been taken through a "Why" exercise by his very own EA at a retreat. This past Monday and Tuesday I attended GSO taught by Kristan Cole and after two years of searching I finally discovered my why: "To Build Empires to create Empire Builders who can go build more Empires." In full transparency, I went to this class to see what was so different from ESO because my MAPS clients kept asking. What I found was this is nothing like ESO. Everyone should take ESO and this class - as many times as possible until you get it. This is the MBA for the Real Estate Industry. This is about how to Grow - and not just a business. How to grow yourself, your people, EVERYTHING. Kristan did an amazing job at showing us how to go from thinking like a Realtor to thinking like a Business Owner. Get this to your area!”
- Brindley Tucker, MAPS Coach

GSO Covers:

  • Review of ESO
  • Go through the 50 page Quick Start Playbook to on board a new expansion partner
  • See what’s in the latest Expansion Launch Playbook and Strategic Vision Guide
  • Learn how to build the playbooks for lead generation, operations & client experience
  • Kill Complexity and move to Simplicity
  • Best Practices for Growth and for expansion
  • Create the economic model around expansion growth to get proven results
  • 5 walls of value to support your business
  • Growth, you can be anywhere you want to be in 5 years, where do you want to be?
  • Organizational chart for where you are going, job descriptions, and 30-60-90 of each for Growth/Expansion
  • Leadership skills and systems needed to be in business and in multiple locations
  • Business Secrets that apply to all businesses
  • Go from Survival, to Success to Significance

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“Kristan is one of the most qualified individuals in our entire industry to teach agent expansion.” 
- Gary Keller

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Kristan's expansion team is on track to close more than $300 million in volume with more than 1000 transactions. The Kristan Cole Network Worldwide is currently in 22 different locations in the U.S. with a goal to be in 100 locations within 4 years.